Saturday, February 12, 2011

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Fuel Economy

Castrol EDGE has definitely helped my car’s fuel consumption to be more economical. Currently I am using Shell Ron-95 petrol. I have done a test to compare if Castrol EDGE has any impact on Fuel Economy. Well, below are my results:

Before using Castrol EDGE:

I started with a full tank. After I have clocked 365.5km, I refill to full tank and it cost me RM 75.15 (39.55 ltr). That means my car’s fuel consumption was RM 0.2056/km (9.216 km/ltr).

After using Castrol EDGE Test 1: On City Drive

On city drive, I clocked 360.3km when I refill to full tank at the same pump of the same station. It cost me RM 71.19 (37.47 ltr). That means my car’s fuel consumption was RM 0.1976/km (9.615 km/ltr).

After using Castrol EDGE Test 2: On Mix Drive

This test was done during Chinese New Year to Karak via Karak highway. Driving within the Karak town and then return to Klang Valley. The drive involved up-hill driving, slow traffic on highway during Chinese New Year balik kampong, low speed small town driving and also clear highway driving on return trip. To my surprised, I clocked 405.7km when I refill to full tank at the same pump of the same station. It cost me only RM 67.74 (35.65 ltr). That means my car’s fuel consumption was RM 0.1670/km (11.380 km/ltr).

I am truly amazed with Castrol EDGE 5W40. It’s improvement impact on my car’s performance is simply spectacular. Not only will the fuel savings alone more than cover for the cost of the lubricant, but I believe the increased in power means less stress to my car, resulting my car to be more reliable and higher longevity. But of course, the ultimate benefit is that my car is now more responsive and powerful, means it is now safer to overtake when necessary not to mention it is now more fun to drive. I truly thank Castrol for introducing such an amazing product. If I have benefited, I am sure all will benefit too.

Product Review

Currently, I am driving a 1.3L Proton Saga LMST year 2007, with its original 4G13 engine. Indeed there are differences in my car’s performance after changing the engine lubricant to Castrol EDGE 5W40.

As my car has a carburetor engine, previously it would vibrate violently during cold start for at least 5 – 8 minutes before it warms up and settles down. However, after changing the lubricant to Castrol EDGE 5W40, it only takes around 1-2 minutes for the engine to warm up and settle down.

At high RPM, my car sounds quieter but could not notice much difference when at low RPM. I normally drive below 110 km/hr on highway, which is at comfortable level when the engine noise was not too noisy. However, after I have changed the lubricant to Castrol EDGE 5W40, I noticed that I can speed up to even at 120 km/hr and yet the engine still sounds quiet.


I may not have a dynamometer to test the car’s performance, however, I feel that my car’s performance seems to have improved. My car is now more responsive and I can accelerate faster than before. Below is the video I did before I change my car’s engine lubricant to Castrol EDGE 5W40.

This is the video clip after I have changed to Castrol EDGE 5W40

Before the change, my car took 14.8 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 km/hr. After the change to Castrol EDGE, my car’s can accelerate better and took only 13.3 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 km/hr.

I also find that my car can accelerate faster above 3000rpm. There is also more power when driving up hill.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Castrol EDGE Sport 0W-40


This is Castrol’s best , fully synthetic, low viscosity technology. Our R&D on this product represents the best of both worlds with race track and in-test programmes combined with everyday driving applications. Castrol Edge Sport 0W-40 has been engineered to meet the toughest industry standards and specifications across all critical engine factors.


Fully synthetic engine oil formulation that is specifically formulated to:
• deliver maximum horsepower up to 45% longer against other full synthetics*
• pass the demanding MIII FE European fuel economy test**
• protect under extreme temperatures
• exceed high performance standards set by premium car manufacturers
• deliver superior thermal stability in turbo diesel engines, ensuring minimal internal deposits for cleaner internals
• flow freely to critical areas requiring protection, especially when cold

Castrol EDGE Sport 10W-60


Castrol Edge Sport is a race proven oil specially formulated highly stressed and competitive engine. This is a product engineered for those who appreciate an extra level of power and performance. Originally developed for endurance sports car engines, Castrol Edge Sport is a vital ingredient in highly stressed and competitive engines, sports car and luxury sedans. This is a fully synthetic oil designed for both road and race applications.


• Full synthetic engine oil
• SAE 10W60 – Its wide viscosity rating means it provides excellent start-up protection under every extreme condition of operation.
• Delivers race proven power and performance for highly tuned, bad-to-the-bone competitive engine
• Provides strength in reserve when you are pushing the limits
• Maintained oil pressure control and reduced wear
• Protects even when fast, hot or hard running
• Uses synthetic technology to deliver improved performance over conventional oil

Castrol EDGE 5W-40


Castrol Edge has been specifically formulated for prestige and performance vehicles. It is developed by Castrol’s best, full synthetic, low viscosity technology. The exceptional characteristics of this free flowing oil delivers ultimate wear protection and optimum engine performance right from start up. Castrol Edge has been engineered to meet the toughest industry standards and specifications across all critical engine factors.


• Full Synthetic engine oil
• SAE 5W40 – excellent low temperature flow for superior protection right from start up.
• Helps to deliver the all important boost in engine power
• Deliver superior thermal stability, ensuring minimal engine deposits for cleaner internals
• Ensures engine protection from the first moment of ignition, minimizing wear and damage
• Exceeds high performance standards set by premium car manufactures including all modern Europeans and Japanese prestige vehicles
• Meets modern emission systems’ needs
• Uses synthetic technology to deliver improved performance over conventional oil

Benefits of using Castrol EDGE.

The Castrol EDGE range is our most complete range of our best car engine oils. The Castrol EDGE range is engineered to meet the toughest performance standards and perform across the 7 Critical Engine Factors.

Powerful protection
Protection at maximum horsepower for longer

Engine runs cooler
Your engine runs better at the temperature it should

Protection against wear
It protects all your moving parts – even when you drive it hard!

Oil lasts longer
Reduced burn-off and improved shear stability allow optimum engine performance between oil changes

Extreme performance
Easy to start and performs in all conditions (extreme heat and extreme cold)

Engine runs better for longer
Keeps engines cleaner so they run better and also helps reduce emissions

Reduced fuel consumption
Less fuel means lower running costs

Castrol's Edge Products

Passenger Car Oil:
Castrol EDGE 5W40
Castrol EDGE Sport 10W60
Castrol EDGE Sport 0W40

Designed to perform in today’s most highly tuned engines, Castrol EDGE is a range for those who are unwilling to compromise on quality and performance, no matter what, where or how hard they drive We’ve taken the Castrol EDGE range to a whole new level of performance, proving that Castrol EDGE is technologically superior to competitor synthetic oils when pushed to the limit under extreme conditions.

Put simply, our best engine oil just got a whole lot better!

Castrol Malaysia

Castrol set up its first office in Malaysia on December 1, 1924 as a branch office in Penang under the company’s Bombay divisional head office. With the setting up of another office in Singapore in 1928, administrative control of the Malayan business was transferred to Singapore. Castrol's Malaysian operations were centralised in Kuala Lumpur in 1967 and the main office operating in Kuala Lumpur untill now.

In Malaysia, Castrol products enjoy brand loyalty which has prevailed since the 1920’s and this goodwill has been reinforced and further developed through problem-solving relationships established with customers. Substantial resources are devoted to field support and customer advice on site. This high level customer support has played a crucial role in establishing Castrol as the manufacturer and marketer of high quality lubricants and related products for automotive, industrial and marine applications.

Chinese New Year Promotion!!!

Regularly changing the engine oil is very important for the maintenance of your car. If it is not changed when it's suppose to, it can lead to problems for the engine. Nowadays, many car manufacturers have improved the safety of cars, but regularly changing the engine oil is still part of important maintenance that cannot be overlooked.

Most manufacturers recommend changing engine oil every 3000 miles or 3 months, whichever happens first. This is to be on the safe side, so all you have to do is monitor the mileage. This is very easy and convenient for you. When the car hits 3000 miles, just take it to the dealer, local engine oil change shop, or change the oil yourself.

Some engine oil can even go longer than the recommended 3000 miles or 3 months. In fact, most cars made recently will state on the owner's manual how often to change the engine oil. It is very important to follow the manufacturers' recommendation. When the car is older with no owner's manual, then change it every 3000 miles or 3 months to be on the safe side.

Another indicator that the oil needs to be changed is by looking at the color of the oil. Use the dipstick to find out both the level and color of your engine oil. The color should be transparent and light amber. Older oil is darker in color. If your engine oil is black, it should be replaced immediately to avoid damage to the engine.

Synthetic oil can last even longer than regular oil. It is normally a big more expensive. Many owners wanted to use synthetic oil because the time interval between oil changes and it saves on the hassle of running down to the car dealer or car maintenance shop.

When changing the engine oil, you must also replace the oil filter as well. Your vehicle's owner's manual has the specified oil filter you must use for the car.

Anyway, if you're planning to change your vehicle engine oil, you may purchase the brand of Castrol which currently offering a promotion which last until end of this month( 31st January).

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